Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds

The months of April and November in the Adirondacks are quite unique and often overlooked by many tourists, who view it as ugly mud seasons. While it is true that they lack the brilliant variety of colors that are present while in the peak of the seasons, they are the only months where you can enjoy recreational activities on both ends of the spectrum.

This weekend one was of firsts and lasts. Light snow showers present during the end of the work week actually accumulated into something skiable. Saturday morning Doug, Jim, Jenny and I hit up the Toll Road for our first cross country ski of the season. While the cover was pretty thin and the snow texture quite sticky, the feeling of gliding over the snow for the first time in months made the excursion more than worth it!

Sunday, the sky was sunny and the temps were soaring into the upper 50s (heat wave!). Doug and I decided to take our canoe for one last spin before putting it to bed for the winter. We enjoyed a beautiful late afternoon paddle on Oseetah with Michael and Cindy before settling down next to the woodstove to warm our toes and enjoy a hot bowl of stew.

These tourists don't know what they're missing!

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