Saturday, January 28, 2012

11 months

So I definitely have gotten lazy with the monthly posts. My apologies. Things have been pretty crazy around here with Doug traveling and me trying to hold down the household duties as well as two libraries.

But a sick day and some sunshine allowed for an impromptu photo shoot that we wanted to share.

Gwen is growing both in size and in personality. She is now starting to communicate using words, which is helpful to say the least. Some current favorite words are eat, hi, bye, kitty cat, boo, and daddy. She can say mama too, but chooses to whine when she wants my attention instead. Typical isn't it? She isn't showing much interest in walking, but can crawl faster than we can chase her most times. She's also become quite a stair climber. Favorite games include peek-a-boo and riding her "car" (an empty toy bin) around the play room. She loves mommy's cooking and will eat just about anything we put down in front of her. She especially loves pancakes, peas, homemade mac and cheese, and broccoli. She's a joy to be around and her smile is just infectious.

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