Saturday, October 1, 2011

7 months

Gwenny hit the 7 month mark last week. I've been very excited about this one because of all the fun fall pics I get to take. We had some fun playing with Gwen in the backyard this week. She loves the leaves!

But before I show you the new photos, an update:

I've been back to work for just about a month now and Gwen has dealt with the transition beautifully. We are having a friend watch her during the day and couldn't be more pleased with how it's been going. Of course we miss her and can't wait to see her after the work day is done, but the smiles we get when we go to pick her up are just so heartwarming.

Gwen is now full into solid foods. She likes most everything we give her, but some specific favorites are peaches and mango. I'm getting the feeling that carrots are topping the list of foods she'd rather we not serve her.

As far as movement, she is desperately wanting to crawl, but can't seem to quite get it. Frustrating for her, sadly, but good for mommy and daddy as it buys us some more time for babyproofing the house!

Looking forward to October and all the wonderful things that it brings: apples, pumpkins, Halloween costumes and fires in the woodstove.

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