Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A late 5 month update...

So I know what you are all saying. What happened to the 5 month update? Gwen actually spent her 5 month birthday on the western side of this country during the Haney's first real family vacation. Well the first as a family of 3 anyway.

We started out our trip by flying to Salt Lake City so that Doug could attend some meetings at the offices in Park City. It was Gwenny's first time on an airplane and she did beautifully. We had to chuckle a few times as the seats on the plane filled in around us. We got the same look from most everyone and it pretty plainly said "damn, we're next to an infant". By the end of the flights though we were hearing "Wow, I forgot she was even there" and "I wish my kids had been that good when they were young". Doug and I were pretty proud to say the least.

After a few days in Park City we drove the 7 hours or so to Yellowstone National Park for some car tourism at it's best. We did see wildlife but I just have to say that I love how you can predict the animal you are about to see by the number of cars lined up along the road.

We ended our trip with a very short stop in Jackson, Wyoming to visit our friend Jonathan who took us on a tour of Teton Village. Overall, it was a great trip.

A series we like to call "Who put that baby up there?"

Haney Family Vacation 2011. Next time we should get those matching shirts.

Some scenic shots

Stay tuned for Gwen's 6 month update...

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