Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garden Update

So another reason for starting this blog is to inform others and keep personal records of my #1 passion... gardening and food preservation. I started my first vegetable garden about 2 years ago and have kept increasing the size of it each summer. I now grow over 30 different kinds of vegetables and berries. I've been wanting to blog on this all summer but have just not had the time (that wedding planning thing is a real time consumer). So here's a quick recap of our major harvests thus far.

4 varieties of leaf lettuce (red mascara and black seeded simpson shown)

Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard

Just one small handful of the unbelievable harvest of sugar snap peas.

This is a photo of our garlic while it was growing... visitors to our house commonly mistook it for corn and bamboo it was so huge.

And hanging to cure in the garage.
Additional harvests also included a great crop of spinach and radishes. Since we live in such a cold climate we've been pretty limited in our early harvests. Stay tuned for an update though as the arrival of August also brings the arrival of green beans, summer squash, cucumbers, and TOMATOES!!!

Berry picking this year was definitely hit or miss. Doug and I picked strawberries the last weekend in June and felt like we struck gold when we brought home 20 quarts. But as excited as we were about strawberries we suffered an equal amount of dissappointment in the lone quart of raspberries that followed. However, blueberry season? The best I've ever seen! Still picking those....

The lineup of jams in our basement (current varieties include strawberry, raspberry rhubarb, apricot, and blueberry).

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